GGDOttawa presents Internet of Things (IoT) – October 7, 2015



The internet of everything is everywhere. It’s nigh on impossible to avoid mention of the hottest new wearable device or self-driving car in the media these days. But what is it, why should we care and what does it mean for businesses? Is it over-hyped, or the next big thing?

Did you know:

  • Experts estimate that the IoT will consist of almost 50 billion objects by 2020.
  • By 2019, the Enterprise IoT sector is estimated to account for nearly 40% or 9.1 billion devices.
  • The UK Government allocated £40,000,000 towards research into the Internet of Things in their 2015 budget.
  • The concept of a network of smart devices was discussed as early as 1982, with a modified Coke machine at Carnegie Mellon University becoming the first internet-connected appliance, able to report its inventory and whether newly loaded drinks were cold.

Understanding the market potential and where to place bets in the internet of everything is as unwieldy as the name suggests. There exists a multitude of communications protocols, nascent ecosystems and emerging service & business models creating a complex landscape for market entrants to penetrate. Companies, established and new, are lining up for a piece of the business and placing their bets. Who will emerge victorious?

In this talk Treena will discuss some of the technology, market and patent trends driving the internet of things.

Speaker Bio:

Treena headshotTreena Grevatt (@tgrevatt) is Director of Marketing, Intellectual Property Services at TechInsights (@techinsightsinc), an Ottawa-HQ’d global provider of technical analysis and patent portfolio services to the world’s leading technology firms.

She holds a Ph.D. in ultrafast laser spectroscopy and a BSc in physics with laser science from the University of Southampton and worked for seven years in high speed laser manufacturing at Nortel. Treena was formerly Product Manager at DISTIL Interactive, an award winning web-based learning games start-up. Prior to that she served as a Professor and Program Coordinator of the Bachelor of Applied Technology degree in Photonics at Niagara College, with responsibility for designing, delivering, and managing curriculum across an innovative technology program. She was co-founder and Chief Community Officer for Betidings, a social networking start-up for event discovery.

Treena is an avid user of Twitter; a keen cyclist & professional cycling fan; and outdoor enthusiast. A professional bike fitter in her spare time she is passionate about creating a comfortable experience for new riders.  Despite being a ‘recovering physicist’ she remains an advocate for public understanding of science / technology and observer of technology trends.

Follow @tgrevatt on Twitter:

Event details:

When: Wednesday October 7, 2015

Where: Fox and Feather Pub (283 Elgin St. – private room, second floor)

Time: Doors open 5:30 PM | Presentation (including food order) 6 PM

Cost: $10 (does not include meals or drinks)

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Partnered event with WPT & WCT, April 21


We’re pleased to announce an event partnership with Women in Communications and Technology (WCT) and Women Powering Technology (WPT) Ottawa Chapter taking place April 21 at the brand new Shopify office on Elgin Street.

Learn what it’s like working at the fastest growing start-up in Ottawa from our Shopify guest speakers. You will also hear the mission and mandate of WCT and WPT. This will be followed by small group discussions on topics to help you advance your career and achieve your goals in technology and communications.

Click here to join us for a #womenintech joint social!

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GGDOttawa March 2015 Event – The Tales of Journalism: the good, the bad and the future

Riddle me this: who has two legs and chases politicians around Centre Block, types fast enough on a smart phone to live-tweet a committee meeting, has over 18K followers on Twitter, and spends their free time watching loads of Netflix?

Payton-CBCOn March 26, 2015, Girl Geek Dinners Ottawa uncovers the life of political journalist Laura Payton.

From Saskatchewan to Ottawa, to Vancouver then back to Ottawa, Laura’s journalistic adventures have taken her from crime and animal stories, to chasing politicians down hallways and covering some of the most prolific scandals and election shenanigans.

Known projects:

Abortion debate may come back in 2014 – January 2014

Robocalls immunity deal struck with ex-Tory worker – January 2014

Conservative campaign database fiasco costs party millions – October 2013

Since completing a master of journalism at Carleton University in 2007, Laura has spear-headed her career to become one of Ottawa’s prolific political journalists, as well as a social media influencer with over 18,000 followers on Twitter.

But, we can all agree success does not come without risks, setbacks or competition.

Join us for a candid presentation on a “day in the life of a Laura Payton,” her experiences and lessons learned as a woman in political journalism, the shifts of technology and social media in journalism, and how she became a key influencer on the Hill and online.

When: Thursday, March 26, 2015

Where: Maxwell’s Bistro (340 Elgin St. – private room upstairs)

Time: Doors open 5:30 PM | Presentation (including food order) 6 PM | Event ends 7 PM

Cost: $10 (does not include meals or drinks)

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Event Re-cap: The Art of Storytelling ft. Melanie Coulson

melanie coulsonWho said algorithms were only for computers! On January 29, 2015, Melanie Coulson delved into the magic algorithm of storytelling (Click here to view her presentation). As an award-winning journalist and currently United Way Ottawa’s Director of Communications and Content, Melanie is a wizard with words and her advice to Girl Geek Dinner Ottawa’s audience was to MAKE MAGIC!

The magic of storytelling is: compelling content = conversions ($$)

The algorithm for compelling content is: CC = UA + GS + D x S

Understand your audience (UA)

Create a bond with your audience. Know their voice and preferred channel of communication. Are you writing for women over age 60 who are retired and care about helping puppies and children in need? Or are you writing for a man in his mid-30s who is career-driven, lives a fast-paced life and doesn’t have children?

Tell a great story (GS)

A great story starts with a message then immediately hooks in the reader. Nowadays, digital audiences are fickle and have short attention span. Focus your energy on the lead which should be 25 words or less. The internet waters are full of fish so how is your message going to rise above the current. You should also find great characters. You might be thinking “but we sell hard drives, how can we create or find a character when we sell simple hard drives.” There’s most likely someone in your network who has experienced a devastating computer crash and lost all of their files and hard work. They then decided to purchase one of your hard drives and now feel secure and protected from future crashes. No matter how simple or diverse your product or campaign, map out all the potential story angles and find that character. And don’t forget about the setting; the atmosphere in which you want to tell your story. What emotion do you want readers or viewers to feel and how will the setting create that emotion.

Decide how to tell your story (D)

This is where direction and planning come into play. Create a content team. Declare a managing editor. Use tools such as an editorial calendar in an excel sheet or on a white board in the boardroom. Build a story around everything you do. Anything that your company does internally or in the community, create a story. Develop strong visuals such as photos or video. No stone left unturned.

Share your story (S)

Social media now gives storytellers more power than ever before. Share your story on every social network you can and ask for your community’s support. Use tools such as Storify and Buzzfeed. Use crowd sourcing as a way to generate stories with impact, a human touch. Make sure every story has a purpose, a call to action. Without this, readers won’t know what to do next or where to go.

In the spirit of storytelling, Melanie has reached out to the GGDOttawa community for their support for a mini-campaign to help sheltered girls aged 12-20 have access to wifi so they can search for jobs and look for permanent housing. Until February 28, we have an opportunity to make a difference in another girl’s life. Please click here to join the Bring Wifi to Evelyn House campaign.

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Join us for our next event Wednesday February 25, 2015 featuring Allison Malloy, Software Engineer at Kongsberg Gallium, who will present about drones used in commercial situations such as using drones to deliver packages, and agriculture, law enforcement, underwater exploration, as well as defence/military.

#GGDOttawa February 2015 Event: Drones

You may have heard using drones to deliver packages or the Canadian military using drones in battle, or law enforcement using drones as tactical tools.

Unmanned vehicles, a.k.a. drones, are used today in more ways than we might realize.

Allison MalloyAllison Malloy, software engineer at Kongsberg Gallium, joins us Wednesday, February 25th to discuss how drones are used in commercial situations (like as well as agriculture, law enforcement, underwater exploration, and in defence/military sectors.

Allison is a software engineer turned project manager with a Bachelor of Applied Science and a Masters of Systems and Computer Engineering.  She ‘stumbled’ into the defence industry 13 years ago and hasn’t looked back. Allison will share with us her own work on the command and control aspects of drone usage; her work in the Canadian defence industry; and how those two worlds intersect with other better known technology fields such as web development, graphic design, and video gaming.

Event details:

When: Wednesday February 25, 2015

Where: Fox and Feather Pub (283 Elgin Street – 3rd floor private room)

Time: Doors open at 5:30 p.m. | Event starts at 6:00 p.m. (including food order) | Ends at 7:30 p.m.

Cost: $10.00 (does not include meals and drinks)

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Ottawa Digital Marketing Meetup

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Jan 29th Event: The Art of Storytelling

melanie coulsonMelanie Coulson, United Way Ottawa’s Director, Communications and Content, has been telling stories since she was about two years old. She turned this passion for characters, setting and plot into a profession. Melanie (@mel_coulson) has more than 15 years experience as an award-winning senior-level journalist in the country’s top newsrooms. She has worked in digital media since 1999 – she was‘s first hire as the news organization shaped what would become its online operation. She continues her love for delivering good stories about the lives changed by United Way Ottawa; and teaches digital journalism at Carleton University’s School of Journalism and Communication.

Join us on Thursday, January 29th as Melanie discusses how
understanding your audience will allow you to create compelling content that begs to be shared. She will delve into the United Way’s digital content strategy and how they use online media to engage donors and show how they are changing lives. As a former journalist, Melanie believes no stone should be left unturned – so come with your questions!

Event details:

When: Thursday January 29, 2015

Where: Black Tomato (11 George Street, Ottawa)

Time: Doors open at 5:30 p.m. | Event starts at 6:00 p.m. (including food order) and ends at 7:30 p.m.

Cost: $10.00 (does not include meals and drinks)

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Event Recap: How to Measure Success in Social Media

Do you know how to gather the right data to help you achieve your business goals? Are you looking for new ways to measure social media success?

On November 26, Shawna Tregunna, founder of ReSoMe (Relevant Social Media), helped answer these questions and showed attendees how to maximize readily accessible data to measure success in social media activities.

When developing a measurement strategy, it’s important to answer what makes a great metric. Two factors should be considered: what type of measurement is relevant to the success of the business and does the measurement provide actionable insights.

Once you determine how to measure your social media data, next step is figuring out what you have to compare the data to in order for it to be purposeful for the business.

Shawna provided a great model explaining the marketing sales funnel and its customer touch points the buyer journey:















Here are four key metrics to help measure the success of your funnel:

  • Number of opportunities in your funnel and the rate at which you are acquiring these opportunities – or arrival rate.
  • The total possible value of every deal in your funnel or total funnel value.
  • Average amount of time prospects are in the sales funnel until they are acquired.
  • Average percentage of closes that your team effectively navigates through your funnel.

Shawna advises to not make the mistake of front-loading your sales funnel hoping that it will result in more sales. Take the “Groupon effect” as an example. Offering a truck load of special offers or discounts that attracts volume may not be viable if you don’t have a solid grasp on how your business is currently performing. The key is to making sure your prospects are qualified leads and you’re capable of nurturing them through the sales process and maximizing the impact points in which the leads encounter. Impact points represent the impact on the ability of your business to make money. Every impact point has the ability to make or lose money. For example, employees fall under Cost Centre, but by enabling and encouraging employees on social media, this is an opportunity to turn a cost into a profit.

Impact Points

Profit Centre Savings Centre Cost Centre




User-generated content


Support Centre



Another method to maximize social media data is integrating with your CRM (customer relationship module). By including customer social media information, you can tie online actions to specific clients within the sales process. Facebook ads also allow you to customize your target audience by email. If your clients email is associated with their Facebook profile, you can create targeted ads and messaging just for clients or prospects.

Shawna capped off the presentation with suggestions for free tools that can help you track and measure:

  • – shows interests of followers, location and influencers.
  • Klout – good tool to measure influencers. More than 30 or 40 Klout score represents good/notable standing.
  • Riffle – tells you which tools your competition is using, your ratio of posts (new posts, retweets and replies – are you just pushing content or engaging on a regular basis), and top hashtags.
  • Alexa – learn how your website is ranked via traffic, but ensure you understand your business goals to understand purpose of traffic. Can also provide you with competitive analysis. If social media is driving traffic to your website, what’s your activity compared to your competitors?
  • Moz link data – measures the quality of inbound links. For example, when you Google search cars in Ottawa, who ranks first? Google takes linking into consideration when ranking search results. How can social media help influence your ranking? Maximize influencers and audience engagement so they direct traffic to your website.

Click here to view Shawna’s presentation Accessible Metrics that Matter. You can also check out our hashtag feed to read what attendees shared and check out our event photos on Facebook.

Don’t forget to save the date! Our next Girl Geek Dinner Ottawa event will be January 29, 2015 featuring Melanie Coulson about how charitable giving is now hi-tech. Stay tuned for more details!

On behalf of the GGDOttawa Organizing Team, have a safe and happy holiday! 

How to Measure Success in Social Media: Magic of Data

Shawna TregunnaShawna Tregunna is the founder of ReSoMe (Relevant Social Media) a social media centric online marketing agency.  She specializes in community management and engagement outsourcing, content creation and creative design.  Her company’s specialized teams bring brands to life online.

Shawna’s goal is to help businesses and professionals successfully integrate social media into their marketing mix. She widely proclaims that the magic is in the data! She is a firm believer in trends, demographics, statistics and patterns, and with her research team, has developed systems and processes that use the data to find accessible target markets online.

Join us on Wednesday, November 26th as Shawna delves into the magic of data and shows our members how to maximize readily accessible data to measure success in social media activities.

Event details:

When: Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Where: Maxwell’s Bistro (340 Elgin St – upstairs)

Time: Doors open at 5:30 p.m.

Event starts at 6:00 p.m. (including food order)

Event ends at 7:30 p.m.

Cost: $10.00 (does not include meals and drinks)

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(Re-published) #GGDOttawa presents: Tales & Stories of Search in Canada #SEO2014

Did you know the World Wide Web turned 25 this year? In 1990, Archie (founded by two Canadians) was the first Internet Search Engine to launch and now there are thousands of Search Engines at our disposal. The most popular Search Engine in Canada is Google; also known as Google Canada (or Do you ever wonder what happens behind the Search Box?

Join us on April 24, 2014 for tales & stories about Search in Canada and the technical side of #SEO2014. Attendees are encouraged to bring a laptop, tablet or mobile device to take part in live searching and hands-on application!

Attendees will also learn:

  • What is Search Engine Optimization, really?
  • Why is Canadian Search (SEO) different?
  • How Search Works
  • Demystifying the Search Results
  • Ranking, Clicks & Conversions

About the presenter:

HelenFaber2000X2000Helen Faber (@helenfaber) is the Founder & President (a.k.a. Search Detective) of WebFuel, a Search Results Agency based in Ottawa.

During her career, Helen has worn many hats. Helen is a former Educator, Web Solutions Integrator turned Entrepreneur. She was an early adopter of the Internet (mid 90’s) and on the scene even before Google.

Ten years ago, she founded WebFuel and in 2009, she launched the Ottawa Search & Digital Marketing Meetup. Helen also co-founded iSisters in 2001, a Canadian charity which garnered attention on the front page of the Ottawa Citizen’s Technology section. Currently, she sits on the Algonquin Advertising & Marketing Communication Advisory Board. While she doesn’t really consider herself a geek, her friends & family do.

Event details:

When: Thursday, April 24, 2014

Where: Black Tomato (11 George Street)

Time: Doors open at 5:30 p.m.

Event starts at 6:00 p.m. (including food order)

Event ends at 7:30 p.m.

Cost: $10.00 (does not include meals and drinks)

GGDOttawa Season Social June 25

girl geek dinner ottawa, geekfest, ggdottawa

Calling all Girl Geeks! You’re invited to our Season Social (a.k.a. last event of the season) for a night of fun, food and networking!

Join us for a Geek-fest on Wednesday, June 25 to mix and mingle with your fellow Girl Geeks and past speakers, and take part in some geeky games and activities! Did you miss an event and topic you wanted to learn about? This is a great opportunity to connect again or for the first time with past speakers and learn more about their expertise. Unlike past events, we will provide food instead of ordering individually from the menu. If you register and have dietary restrictions or preferences, please email us at And as always, we will have amazing door prizes!

Seats are limited, register now! 

When: Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Where: Maxwell’s Bistro (340 Elgin St.)

Time: Doors open at 5:30 p.m.

Thanks to our door prize sponsors!