Been at Per with your Poker Opponent


Most poker players give out what they think, and the ability to read these thoughts is an important factor in poker. Examining the non-verbal signals of your opponents puts you in a position in which you can carefully plan your next move.


Acting is an important part of poker. When you force your opponents to believe that you have a weak hand, when you really have a strong hand, and vice versa, you use the general assumptions of the game to your advantage. When professional hebohdominoqq players use this, they cancel these assumptions in order to trick other players.


Try to detect any changes in your behavior or any type of gift. Some quiet players start talking when they have a bad hand, while others can start defending their cards when they get a good hand.


Like a red face, tremors, deep breathing and nervous gestures usually mean that the player has a good hand and he unconsciously “gives” what he has. Of course, always remember your own gestures and behavior, so as not to send gifts to your opponents.


Looking to the side

If your opponent looks sideways, as if he is not interested, remember that this is a hoax. Your opponent has strong cards, and he will increase when the bet reaches him.


When an opponent checks the reflow, then double-checks the flop or calls someone to rise, just to get on the turn, everything should be obvious: this guy was playing something slow, the hand on which the Flop hit his head.

Raise Bet Check Template

This is a great sign of weakness. In general, if someone comes up and then checks, it means that he wanted to bluff and simply admitted that he could not achieve this. Be sure not to fall into this situation.

Hand game immediately after a strong blow

This is usually a sure sign of addiction. A strong and tough player must be selective in the cards he plays. If you are not in position or do not play in the blinds, you are probably just playing angry and addicted. Most likely, he will play stupidly aggressive, trying to recover the lost money at all costs. Use this weakness.