May 11th GGD Ottawa Event Recap – Entrepreneurship

Just Do It

This was the recurring theme with our presenters last night.  Come to think about it, this seems to be a recurring theme with several of our Girl Geek Dinner speakers.  From entrepreneurship and women in leadership, to looking for a new job.  We all have to deal with uncertainty and doubts, and sooner or later, we just need to decide to Just Do It and see how it goes.

Some other take-aways from last night:

  • Understand your customers
  • Understand your competitors
  • Surveys are often not enough, find nuances through conversations
  • Keep it simple to start
  • Welcome feedback, but know when to ignore it.  Keep the focus on what you’re good at
  • If your business is product centric, focus on innovation
  • If you are offering service, focus on service excellence
  • Blogs are the new magazines
  • As social media changes, so should the way you use it
  • Use giveaways to build your audience

Thank you Vivian, Hana and Amy for sharing their stories with us and thank you to all who attended our Girl Geek Dinner last night.  We hope you enjoyed it and found some inspiration for your next challenge.

Thanks again to our sponsors for their continued support.  We hope all the door prize winners enjoy their prizes!


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