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Event Recap: Geek-fest on March 26, 2013

legosmallWhat do you get when you put a group of smart women in a room with LEGO, food and a microphone?

A Girl Geek Dinner Geek-fest!

On Tuesday March 26, we hosted a Geek-fest in lieu of a traditional dinner. This fly-by-the-minute event idea turned out to be a huge success and it seems attendees want more! Check out photos from the event on our Facebook page.

Thanks to Ellen Grove, everyone had the chance to take part in LEGO® Serious Play® (LSP).

What is LSP?

LEGO® Serious Play® is a powerful thinking, communicating and problem solving technique that can help you and your team do serious work through structured play activities using a popular and playful 3D modeling toy. Through a facilitated process of building models that, storytelling and reflection, every person at the table is engaged and actively participating in the discussion. Whether the topic is individual aspirations, team relationships, developing a new product or solving a wicked organizational problem, everyone builds and everyone tells their story, unlocking new perspectives and exposing the answers already in the room.

Nine attendees completed three builds: a warm-up, one to answer the question “what made you happy in the past week?” and a final build on the topic of “what do you get out of participating in Girl Geek Dinner Ottawa?” It was great to hear some of the responses such as “an opportunity to meet and learn from successful and talented women,” and “this is my first time coming to GGDOttawa. I’m glad I joined,” and also “constantly learning new trends and hot topics to help me in my career.”

If you participated in the LEGO activity, feel free to leave a comment about your experience or if you’re interested in learning more, you can email Ellen at ellen(dot)grove(at)gmail(dot)com or send her a Tweet @eegrove.

Although LEGO was a huge highlight of the evening, we still kept some tradition with door prizes, community announcements and a good ol’ mind trap question for a grand prize:

Q: What is unwanted by the maker, not used by the buyer, and never seen by the user?
A: Coffin

Congratulations to Patricia Saravesi for knowing the answer and winning free access to a webinar courtesy of The Conference Board of Canada.

Congratulations to the other door prize winners:

Olga Dewar – two vouchers for The National Arts Centre.

Yayoi Akita-Brunet, Janet Hockey and Basia Vanderveen – $30 gift card for CanvasPop.

Mary Beth Baker – $25 gift certificate for Rinaldo’s Spa Services.

Lisa Leves – 50% off coupon to Crepella’s.

And last, but not least, save the date for our next event! We also asked our GGDOttawa community what’s coming up in Ottawa, so why not save all these dates!

Next GGDOttawa event:

Speaker: Shari Graydon, founder of Informed Opinions
Date: April 16 (to be confirmed)
Time: 5:30 p.m . to 7:30 p.m.
Location: (to be confirmed)

Ladies Learning Code is hosting a workshop on Saturday April 6 called “Introduction to App Design for Beginners”. If you have any questions, you can contact Nicole Belanger by email at nicole(at)ladieslearningcode(dot)com or on Twitter.

IABC Ottawa is hosting their final professional development event for the season on April 11 at the Black Tomato restaurant. “A Successful Lesson in Social Media Crisis Communications” will be presented by Melissa Carroll, the wizard behind the Montreal’s Police Service (SPVM) Twitter account who communicated with civilians of all stripes and in both official languages during the 2012 student protests.

OpenData Ottawa is also planning an event in April. No date has been confirmed just yet, but you can follow their blog for updates or follow them on Twitter.

Canadian Public Relations Society Ottawa chapter is hosting their National Conference June 9 to 11 which features a combination of keynote speakers and workshops.

Have a great long weekend!

‘Til next time,

Your GGDOttawa Organizers