Did You Know How To Play Basic Poker?

Poker online game has two different basic games draw and stud poker game. The rules of both the games are almost the same, and both mention here.

In a stud game, all payers are playing with five cards. Players use the wager chips and strength of their hands accordingly. The player continuously wins unless other player willing to play the big bid. Meanwhile, the two players will show their hands, and the best one will wins all the chips.

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In draw poker, every player plays with five cards. If someone needs to improve their game, then they can play with three cards. Moreover, if anyone has an ace, then he can deal with the other four cards.

The betting round plays like this. Every player has four chances that start to the left dealer. The chances are:


A person who feels that he has a better hand might improve the wager need to continue playing.


A person who feels his hand is not too good to win, and also he doesn’t want to bet. So, the increased money might lay down his hands. However, he cannot succeed, but also he will not drop any chips.


Once the stake increases, every player must choose whether to call his hands or to raise the stakes again.


If no player has improved the wager, then they might stand bypassing or checking on his chance to hand.

Though there are numerous pokers game varieties and similar rules, apply to all of them. Usually, each player plays with seven or five cards. Besides, every game has a similar hierarchy of hands, and the best hands are very hard to get.

Particular cards rank from top to worst. The cards ranks can break the tie if two have the same card. Well, the ace is the top rank and valuable card. There are a ranking of hands given that is low to high values.

High card-

The high-value card is valuable if no combination made. However, the second high card will break the tie if both two players have a similar higher card.

One pair-

If someone has two same cards of any of them then pair is made.

Two pairs-

As multiple players have two pairs then the player who has the highest pair wins.


A straight consists of hands with five cards. So, the higher card straight wins if two players have straights.


Flush formed while all hands of five cards are the same suit. So, in that suit the player who has the highest card wins?

Full horse-

While the player has the same pair in hand and also three-of-a-kind, it’s called a case of the full horse.

Straight flush-

When five consecutive cards belong to the equal suit then straight flush forms.

Royal flush-

The powerful combination forms by a straight flush that plays with an ace. It is an unbeatable hand in the game of poker click here now https://poker1001.pro/.

Furthermore, poker online is a game that plays without money or chips. Also, beginners can play for chips without any money.

Thus, poker online games have endless fun for the complete family.